Dartmoor Forest Parish Council Meetings

The Parish Council normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Members of the public are welcome to attend these meetings. All but one of these meetings will be held in the Princetown Community Centre Small Hall commencing at 19.30.The meeting scheduled for September will be held in the Postbridge Village Hall.  There is also an Annual Parish Meeting, usually held on the fourth Tuesday in May.  This short meeting will begin at 19.00 and be followed by the Monthly Parish Council meeting.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we will follow Government advice and meetings will be held via Zoom where face to face meetings are not recommended.  The meeting code will be on the agenda.

The Agendas and Minutes listed below can be downloaded as pdf files and are also available from the Parish Clerk.

Meetings, Agendas and Minutes

13/12/2022 Parish Council Meeting

22/11/2022 Parish Council Meeting

25/10/2022 Parish Council Meeting

27/09/2022 Parish Council Meeting (Postbridge Village Hall)

23/08/2022 Parish Council Meeting

26/07/2022 Parish Council Meeting

28/06/2022 Parish Council Meeting

24/05/2022 Annual Parish Council Meeting (7pm)

26/04/2022 Parish Council Meeting

22/03/2022 Parish Council Meeting

22/02/2022 Parish Council Meeting

25/01/2022 Parish Council Meeting

23/11/2021 Parish Council Meeting Agenda Financial Briefing Notes, Councillors Briefing Notes, Burials Procedure, Risk Review, Dartmoor Speedwatch Report Nov 2021

26/10/2021 October Meeting Agenda Minutes (Unapproved) Speedwatch Report Oct 21, Princetown CCTV Oct 21, Skatepark Project for Princetown, Councillor Briefing Notes, Byelaws Revision - Draft Response

28/09/2021 Parish Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Supporting Documents

24/08/2021 Parish Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Councillor Briefing Notes

27/07/2021 Parish Council Meeting Agenda Minutes Councillor Briefing Notes

22/06/2021 Parish Council Meeting & Annual Parish Meeting Agenda Minutes Councillor Briefing Notes

04/05/2021 Annual Parish Council Meeting Agenda Minutes

27/04/2021 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes DFPC Councillor Briefing Notes, Princetown Food Hub Grant Application, DFPC Brief on Climate Emergency

23/03/2021 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Councillor Briefing Notes March 2021, DFPC Snow Issues Meeting Presentation

23/02/2021 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Councillor Briefing Notes - February 2021

26/01/2021 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Princetown CCTV Policy Version 1, Financial Briefing Notes - January 2021

12/01/2021 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes CCTV Data Protection Impact Assessment

15/12/2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Agenda Item 5. Community Fibre Partnership, Agenda Item 6. CCTV Data Protection Update, Agenda Item 8. Financial Briefing Notes

24/11/2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Draft Councillor ID Card, OPCC Councillor Advocate Scheme, Part 1 DFPC CCTV Public Update, Financial Briefing Notes - November 2020

27/10/2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Appendix A Natural England Grazing Letter, Appendix B DFPC response to Planning White Paper

22/09/2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes Speedwatch report, Councillor Briefing Notes September 2020, Two Bridges Survey Analysis

25/08/2020 Virtual Meeting Minutes

28/07/2020 Virtual Meeting Minutes

23/06/2020 Virtual Meeting Minutes

26/05/2020 Virtual Meeting Agenda Minutes

12/05/2020 Virtual Meeting Minutes

25/02/2020 Minutes

28/01/2020 Minutes

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